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The Blue Moon Literary & Art Review publishes poetry and fiction of all genres, from literary fiction to murder mystery. We are especially interested in short stories and excerpts from novels in progress, and we are dedicated to high quality, interesting and unusual works.

We hope the Review will be entertaining and thought provoking; however, we have no political agenda, only a strong desire to promote and publish fine writing. In addition to works of fiction, we also invite for consideration reviews of art, books, and plays, as well as literary essays of any kind.

We continue to grow over the years as we promote and encourage new writers from all over the world. Our goal is to lead the literary life and to allow others to lead it with us. Good writing, like fine wine, should be shared and appreciated as a communal experience.

Looking for a great mystery?

Watch the Great Day San Antonio TV interview with writer and Blue Moon Editor, Scott Evans.  Scott discusses his latest literary mystery, First Folio.

When Joe Conrad receives the original, handwritten manuscripts of Shakespeare’s plays, he sets out to prove their authenticity, unaware that a relentless mercenary is on the hunt, as their perilous adventure takes them from Berkeley to DC to London and Stratford!

Bestselling author Les Edgerton warns, “Unless you have a forgiving boss, don’t start reading this late at night as you’ll show up at work the next morning bleary-eyed from staying up all night to finish reading it.”

Available at Author House in Hardcover, Paperback, and E-book.

You can also order First Folio at your local bookseller, Amazon, or your on-line retailer.